These vertical gardens appeared as an alternative to natural vertical gardens-

They are made out of mosses and natural lichens that have been treated with a mixture of  liquids based in glicerine. This mixture displaces the water inside the plant, so that the vital processes are interrupted but the natural appearance or touch is not lost. The plant is stabilized permanently.

Decorations are completed with different plants stabilized by the same principle.

These compositions have the advantage that they do not need any maintenance: neither water nor nutrients..

They last more than 15 years. Their only limitation is that they have to be installed indoors, and protected from direct sunlight..




The surface created with these mosses and lichens are highly porous, which confers a high capacity to lower the environmental noise.

The assembly process of these vertical gardens is as follows: we study the site, we take the measurements, the base is prepared with special treatments and covered with moss, completing with hanging plants like Lycopodium, Echium, etc … to give more movement and volume to the set.


In the whole process we must take into account that we are working with natural plants, therefore with natural tissue. It is very important that both the processes and the materials don’t spoil these tissues.