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Our services of gardening and landscaping:

  • Design and implementation of gardens
  • Irrigation systems
  • Maintenance
  • Special pruning and transplants
  • Phytosanitary treatments
  • Clearing up and cleaning
  • Artificial grass


Our team of professionals headed by Ignacio Benthem, Agronomist Engineer, has more than 15 years of experience in gardening and landscaping works. We are leaders in the Costa del Sol, where due to the importance of the residential sector, first-rate projects of gardening and landscaping have been carried out.

.View or download the curriculum of works of ACER Gardening and Landscaping company.

(We undertake all kinds of gardening work including both soft and hard landscaping for both domestic properties and commercial premises and offer regular maintenance or one-off contracts.)



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Garden Design and Implementation

From the first sketch to the last detail, we accompany the customer throughout the process of design and construction of a garden, offering all our experience. We have a team of landscapers and collaborate with world-renowned landscape architects who need effective responses in terms of quality and speed of execution.

We have estate of the art equipment that allows us to perform work of any level of difficulty, respecting the standards of quality set for each project.

In our commitment to the care of the environment, we fulfill all the regulations related to it: All plant we use is certified, and we comply with the law regarding Invasive Alien Species.




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Irrigation systems.

Our team of professionals design and install the irrigation system that best suits each garden. We work with the best brands in the market to ensure optimum quality in our work.

Our designs ensure maximum use of the water, as well as the saving of system elements (solenoid valves, etc…) to adjust to the utmost the cost of the installation.

We design and install all types of decorative elements of water such as artificial streams, lakes, fountains, waterfalls… ensuring that every garden is a unique space.

Many of our customers enjoy already in their gardens our system of remote control of irrigation that we install thanks to the new TICs. We can offer this technology in our facilities thanks to the collaboration of first rate irrigation firms.









Whatever the size of the garden, we offer our specialized maintenance service. Our team of agronomists establishes the optimal maintenance program and our specialist gardeners carry out the program and take care of every detail.

Within the maintenance of gardens we do not neglect the continuous improvement of each garden that materializes in a continuous proposal to our clients of cyclic renovation of plants according to the seasons, enlargement of beddings, implementation of the novelties of the gardening sector, etc…


We also have a service of maintenance of swimming pools, drives, special cleaning, etc…





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Special pruning and transplants

We have an expert pruning team with a deep knowledge of pruning, cleaning, logging, felling techniques and our more than twenty years of experience make us the leading company on the area.

We manage the permissions with the corresponding city Council for the whole operation in order to fulfill the current regulations. All pruning residues are carried to licensed landfill to comply with environmental protection measures.

We execute any work of transplant of broadleaves species or palm trees, applying the most innovative techniques to guarantee the success of the operation.









Phytosanitary Treatments

We offer advice for the treatment of pests and diseases.

Our staff is accredited by the Junta de Andalucía to carry out the treatments with all the guarantees of efficiency and respect for the environment.

Our technicians regularly attend specialized courses about red palm weevil control (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus), on pests and diseases of the lawn, as well as on other important problems of our gardens, in order to provide the best solutions in each case





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Clearings and cleaning

We have the knowledge and the means to make cleanings of streams, drives, forests, green areas… complying with all the measures of safety and environmental protection.







IMG_2460 Artificial turf 

Is an increasingly demanded solution, given its advantages as an alternative to natural turf. Among these advantages we cite the good decorative result, the low maintenance (null water consumption, fertilizers, labor, good weed control).

There are many qualities of artificial turf depending on their use: more decorative, intensive use, sporting use, etc… Although the initial investment is higher, the reduction of maintenance costs makes artificial turf a highly recommended solution for green spaces.

Acer Espacios Naturales counts with a team of qualified specialist with more than twenty years of experience in the artificial turf field, always obtaining the best results in landscape aesthetics. We can offer you a professional and specialized artificial turf installation service.




A special homage to our team, without whom we would not be who we are. Congratulations and thanks for your involvement!

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